1. <img src="still life painting.jpg" alt="original watercolor painting">
  2. <img src="still life painting.jpg" alt="original watercolor painting">
  3. Fall Pumpkin copy
  4. pine cones copy
  5. Still Life Apples-Oranges copy
  6. Still Life with Appls copy
  7. Still Life With Citris and Grapes
  8. Bowl of Cherries
  9. Biking in the Snow
  10. Cherries in White Bowl
  11. Cherries on Windowsill copy
  12. Fall and Pumpkins and Flowers
  13. Lemons Still Life copy
  14. Just Lemons
  15. Just Peaches 500
  16. Pear Lineup
  17. Pears in Window
  18. porch chair500px
  19. pumpkin harvest
  20. still life copper pitcher-strawberries
  21. Still life with Apples
  22. Still Life With Lemons
  23. Sunlit Still Life
  24. tea and rose copy
  25. Red and White Still Life
  26. Grapes
  27. God's Candy  copy
  28. Conch Shell copy
  29. Cherries in Straw Bowl copy
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