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Magical Adventure, Author and Illustrator, Bunny Griffeth, new children's book

---Imagination takes you on a magical journey.  Inspired by a true story the Magical Adventure is a tale to be held dear in the heart of every child.   A fascinating exploration of imagination and wonder, it's a story that explores the depths of a child's boundless curiosity.  

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Heal of the Hand, Author Kiki Latimer, Illustrator Bunny Griffeth, children's book
A Storyteller arrives and encourages the children to tell their tales about the devastation of the earthquake.     One way the mind begins to grasp such tragedy as the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and begins to heal is through the power of story.  One's story is repeated over and over again until it journeys from the conscious memory to the subconscious layers of the mind to the depth of the soul, finding rest and the silence needed to heal.  Here in the soul to heal is not to forget, but to hold the memory safe and sacred.
I'll Always Be There, Author Jen Cowart, Illustrator Bunny Griffeth, children's book
Gracie is missing someone special.  Follow her through the story as a little ladybug  watches over her as she grows.
Bubble Butt, The Challenged Sea Turtle of Mystic Aquarium, children's book
An endearing story of a rescued sea turtle that currently lives in Mystic Aqarium.   You can follow Charlotte through her life as she finds a new and safer home, and her struggles with the challenges after her injury.
T he WaterFire Duck, Author Kiki Latimer, Illustrator, Bunny Griffeth, children's book
he story combines the magic of WaterFire, an art installation created by Barnaby Evans, and Little Duck who finds herself in the midst of it after her journey from the coastline of Rhode Island and into the heart of the celebrations as she follows her song.

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